Tuesday, 12 August 2014

SAO Episode 6 Recap

Ah, man. I just finished this one episode of SAO and I am beyond invested into it now. At first, I was doubtful that I would like it, but now it has fully caught my undivided attention!

Laughing Coffin...

We start off where we left off last time, with Death Gun conversing with Kirito, and asking him if he is the real thing. The real Kirito, and not someone using his name. It was really scary, and it was taken up an extra notch this episode. You could really feel the tension, and when Death Gun raised his sleeve, which I believe was on purpose, Kirito relived a certain memory where one of the factions he once partied with were planning an attack against the criminal guild Laughing Coffin. Now, when I think about it, I don't remember ever seeing this fight at all in SAO. It was completely new to me. Kirito and Laughing Coffin had a bad history, which everyone knew about, but apparently Kirito had killed far more than I would have imagined. 

Hey, best pic I have ever taken....

I love how GGO has decided to incorporate Kirito's past life presently, and not do the same mistake as ALO. The guild of what he had done completely came back to bite him in the ass, and this is an exceptional piece of writing here. This could be beautifully developed if done right. This is the best episode by far of this season. The animation was beautiful, the visuals engaging and the music fulfilling---and Kirito was reduced into this:

Oh my goodness, help me.
What have they done to my favorite character?!! 


 I have never seen such a horrified gaze from the most badass character of the whole franchise. I was shaking along with him, literally sweating my eyes out and I feared for and with him. He was completely horrified at having memories that he thought he suppressed resurface with the unwarranted arrival of Death Gun, which he figured out was him. It was highhandedly, one of the best scenes in all of SAO. The fearless, cocky, powerful Kirito was rendered into a wimp by having his murderous secrets thrown right back into his face. It is freaking incredible, and I can't wait to find out who this Death Gun actually is. Kirito has already concluded that Death Gun is someone he knew and had spoken with after that massacre and the failed plan. The plan failed because they had been surprise attacked, when they thougt they had Laughing Coffin cornered. Then, this one f*cker came out of nowhere and started slashing everyone else, taking advantage of his enemies' kindness and lowered stance to go on a rampage. That is when he was killed by Kirito.

Gloomy awwww....

However, he still had a battle to fight, thus when Sinon showed, he clasped her hand with a desperaton I have never seen in his eyes before, prior to entering the arena. Even, Sinon, who dislikes him, was surprised by this. Why wouldn't she be? This is a guy last episode who was sort of rude to her in the first place, who possesses a gorgeous form with a sword, and is self-aware of his own prowess. Enough to be batsh*t insane and fight in a gun world...with a saber. Upon entering the fight, Kirito snaps and completely loses it. 

Why wouldn't he? Releasing tension fighting the worst way I have ever seen come from him. This episode was really setting up some previously unknown depth about Kirito. Enough for Sinon to understand the way he was feeling. He wins that battle, and it was time to face off against Sinon. It was setting up to be a futile, one-sided fight for Sinon until she snaps and demand a real match. Of course he completely dominates her, and win. Sinon admits that he is strong, but why is he so afraid. Kirito asks one very interesting question: If someone you loved was in danger of being killed by a guy who could annihilate someone in-game, would you be able to pull the trigger? 

Beleive me, I am morbid, but that is kind of hot... :(
By now, Sinon must have forgiven Kirito at some point because she started sounding like a total tsundere. Seriously, Miyuki Sawashiro's voice does not suit her at all. I frankly detest it. I was taking this episode seriously, going deeper in depth about Kirito...

then sexy time happened: 

Haha, I see what you did there you dirty, dirty boy!!

Yeah, he gets girls...while looking like a girl. 

Meanwhile the eyes of Death Gun are getting sparklier and sparklier with malice because you HAD to overpower the best player in GGO... And you know he targets the strong ones, neh, Kirito...

Jah, I decided to rate this one! 9.5/10!

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Spring 2014 Anime To- Watch List!

Yea, this one did not turn out well! Oh goodness, Ill get better. 

So, instead of finding animes by chance, I have decided to start doing my own researches and watch what I actually DO want to watch, and not through the fandom. BelIEve it or not, I hate missing out, so I decided to start including myself in the anime community...by force. It is hardly working, but...
I am not the kind of person to watch an anime while it is airing. That is a no-no. I only watch it after its seasonal run. However, I have decided to stop watching anime for a bit because 1) I have many reviews to catch up on, and 2) my headphones broke. So yeah. Considering that I am halfway through Black Bullet...

1-Bokura Wa Minna Kawaisou

I have a thing for perverted characters. The jokes, though old, always seem to interest me. These days, I have gotten into the whole slice-of-life genre considering that I am a hardcore Shounen/Shounen Ai fan. I love a dark, gritty story filled to the core with action but I also like to take a break from all that once in a while. It also sounds so cute and interesting from the synopsis!

2-Akuma No Riddle

 I think it was the whole yuri/action/assassination theme that attracted me so hard. I have always wanted someone to include the yuri and action. Rare as they are, the feminine type shounen ai is always filled with cute girls and school. Even though this show is centered also around a school, the murkiness and obcure synopsis has got me pumped! Can't wait!

3-Selector Infected WIXOSS

I heard that this show, seemingly innocent, gets darker and darker as it goes on and plays about the characters emotions. I love these sorts of premises (Puella Magi) and wish granting. We know how well that worked out in the aforementioned show! I have not seen an anime featuring card games yet, but I DO love alternate dimensions. Want to see this play out!

4-Fairytail New Series: No need to explain this. This is the first anime that I have ever watched. I mean, despite the animation style change that I am not too fond of, I love Natsu and the characters. Can't wait for more dragon kicking butt action!

5-Mahouka Koukou no Reittousei 

So far, some of the reviews I have been reading are saying that the main protagonist is too overpowered considering the fat that he was introduced to be weaker than then the other characters. I don't mind. I love Kirito after all, thus I actually like OP characters. What really sold me hear was Studio Madhouse! This anime looks really good, and magic?? On it!

6-Seikoku no Dragonar 

I loved dragons! The premise and the sassy attitude of the main girl (promised, promised!!) is so refreshing. Dragons, Fairytail, dragon slayers, got the gist? 

7-Captain Earth

I--I don't even know why this is here. Studio Bones, maybe?

8-Soredemo Sekai wa Utsukushii

Read this Synopsis from MAL--

Nike, the fourth princess of the Rain Dukedom and one who holds the power to call forth the rain, travels to the Sun Kingdom to marry Sun King Livius for her country, despite her own reluctance. She soon discovers that the King, who conquered the world in only three years after his ascendance to the throne, is still a child! Furthermore, for trivial reasons, he has demanded that Nike call forth the rain...?!
Read more at http://myanimelist.net/anime/22101/Soredemo_Sekai_wa_Utsukushii#m3jCKgXthFm6d1jV.99
and tell me if it doesn't sound sweet!

9-Ishuukan Friends

The premise of this show sounds so depressing and at the same time so sweet and hopeful! I am not a fan of slice of life, but I thought that I might as well give this one a try. The fact that the main character wants to be friends with a girl that loses her memories over ad over and over again every Monday and still vows to continue so...sounds incredible! I really want to see this play out!

10-Mahou Shoujou Taisen

Yeah, I don't know why this is here. When I look back, it doesn't sound so good...Maybe because of Gainax??

11-Black Bullet

I LOVE Yuuki Kaji. After voicing Eren Jaeger, my favorite character in SNK, I have NEVER met someone with such a raw, emotional voice, who has some of the best rage voices I have ever heard! This sounded somewhat good, but what really drew me on as Satomi Rentaro. I really, really know the extent of Kaji's voice and he IS my favorite voice actor of all time. Simply incredible, powerful and unique.
And Oh, I am currently watching it...So far, the loli is incredible.

12-Hitsubi no Chaika

I saw and girl with guns, a promise of coffins, an actual 20-year-old character, gorgeous wallpapers, and Studio Bones. You gotta be kidding me.

13-Escha & Lodger no Atelier: Tasogare no Sora no Renkinjutsushi

I actually adore when a premise sounds as if humanity is in mortal danger. They are at the brink of some sort of destruction (YO, SNK). This wallpaper looks amazing, and I am a sucker for old-time attires, (Black Butler), and amazing character designs. I have never tackled the Alchemy genre (no I have not watched FMA, nor, FMA: B) but I am sort of skeptical. It is a game adaptation after all. 

14-Mekakucity Actors

I don't know. Honestly, I am rethinking this one through... I have never heard of the Kangerou Project prior to this, and it seems as if I am going to have to check that out first before I tackle this show. I really like Shaft (Monogatari Series, Puella Magi) and, well, I am still hesitant though...

15-Date a Live I and II

This one I am a little skeptical about, because well, the premise sounded a little cheesy. I mean, stopping a walking disaster by dating her? I don't know, but the character designs looks really good! I mean, if it has a second season, and I still have not watched the first one, thus it must have some merit. I will try it after my priorities. We'll see. 

16-Ryuugajou  Nanana no Maizukin

I don't even remember how this got here... (tsundere)... bbbb---ut, yeah. 

Some I am not sure whether or not I will watch:

18-Black Blade


20-Blade and Soul

21-Kamigami no Asobi

22-Mangaka-san to Assistant-san

23-No Game no Life  (This one I definitely will. I was sold from the reviews...)

24-Gokukoko no Brynhildr


Anyway, this is all I have for today! Since I enjoy making posts like these, I will do a summer one also! I have just started taking anime seriously since Attack on Titan, and I am VERY FAR behind. I will go as far back as 2009, but since Code Geass, one I have planned to watch stretches to 2006, if a show is older than 2009 and is deemed really (like really good), then I will watch it. But, damn, my anime list is actually HUGE! My Iphone is screaming for help. Believe it or not, I don't expect to finish all of them. I have a feeling that I will be watching anime to my death, because, even through I am a rapid consumer, I seem to move too slowly. I feel so behind!! One day, Ill catch up!

Bye Lovelies.

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

SAO EPisode 5 Recap

YO!! (I'm sorry the pictures are not clear! Uploaded from Iphone!)


It has actually been quite a while since I have seen the fifth episode of SAO. I am sorry that this is so late, but I was two hours away from home most of the day today, and yesterday, my mom refused to let me finish blogging! *Pouting Face* But this time, I have decided that it must be done, that is, before I forget what It is I was going to say!


Kirito enters the Bullet of Bullets, this game where the players face off against each other to test their strengths, win prizes, and possible increase their rank. Right off the bat, these men already seemed so suspicious. No one needed them to show off, they are going to get crushed, mashed, sliced, diced and rolled by Kirito. However, the fact that Kirito continues to stay focused on his goal while maintaining the trap endowment was ever increasing in urgency. He is participating in the hope of attracting Death Gun, who makes it his purpose of targeting those he deems strong. Kirito is beyond a BAMF, thus it makes perfect sense.

Arriving within the change room, Sinon, after thoroughly explaining him some of the gimmicks of the game, strips, like, you are female also Kirito, right? It should not be a problem, we are both girls! Hayaku! He covers his eyes quickly upon seeing the half-naked girl, stutters and unveils his true gender: Kirito--Male.
As predicted, the discovery was very comical. She slapped him. Clich├ęd, yes, but I am also very shocked. I actually thought that she was going to kill him! Afterward, their relationship tanked, because, well I wonder why? She barely explained the bigger picture, the parcel of the basics handed over to Kirito in contempt and sad hilarity.  Now, they are literally enemies that will kill each other on the battlefield.


I was so incredibly happy to see Kirito actually struggle on the battlefield for once. He came in there, barely knowledgeable on his surroundings, and ended up relying on his own senses to guide him, which was a real step form the usual effortless curb stomps. The visuals were incredible, Kirito's every movements captured perfectly, and I even wheezed along with him at the end. Like, phew! Despite your incredible skills, one down, fours more to go! This is actually turning out really good!

At the end of the battle, Kirito was searching for Sinon. I thought that was quite odd, considering the way she dropped you so hard. Suddenly, a voice from behind, in complete surprise, it was---


OMG, jaw drop. He keeps going on and on about whether or not Kirito was the real deal, getting creepier and creepier every second, and I was like what is going to happen?? Kirito was on guard, (normal reaction), and I thought he was going to kill him! Death Gun obviously knows who Kirito is and obviously watched the entire battle enough to actually know that 1) he is Kirito based on the fact the he used a sword,, 2) his power, and 3) someone Kirito must have once known. Kirito falls under that conclusion, searches his mind for a concrete answer and when it could not get worst! Death Gun raises his arm and on it---

The Laughing Coffin symbol. 


One of those guys. From Season One. Obviously on a solo rampage. Knows exactly who Kirito is.

It seems, that yes, Kirito has succeeded partially in his goal, but--

Where is Sinon???
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